Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered an extensive list of some of the most popular questions asked by our existing member base. Please select from the list provided below. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

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  • Who will book our travel for us?

    Assured Travel is a full service travel agency and will plan your trip with your requests. We specialize in accommodations, airfare, car rental and cruises. Simply select a destination and provide us with two sets of dates and we'll do the rest.

  • Can you guarantee that I will get the dates I choose?

    All travel in Holiday Passports Gold is based on space availability, and some destinations fill up faster than others. As a preferred client, Assured Travel will always try to accommodate your first date choice.

  • Is there an additional cost to bring extra guests?

    Each offer will allow 2 adults, over the age of 25 pre-paid accommodations in one room. If you desire to bring additional guests please inform your reservationist. Additional guests can be added to your reservation at a discounted price; however it will also be based on space availability.

  • Is there an additional cost to bring my children?

    Most hotels allow children under the age of 12 to stay complimentary. However, each hotel and destination differs, so please contact your reservationist for details.

  • How can you give away so many free nights?

    Through our extensive resources in the travel industry, Assured Travel has negotiated contracts with hotels in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. Our promise to these hotels is to introduce credit worthy adults to new destinations and hotels with hopes that you, the traveler will return to them in the future.

  • How do you determine what percentage off I will get for the cruise certificate?

    Discounted rates vary, depending upon category, ship, itinerary, and season you select. Assured Travel will always do our best to provide you with the most cost effective itinerary. An agent will work with you to secure the best discount possible.

  • Where are we going to stay?

    All accommodations will be confirmed into a standard hotel such as: Holiday Inn, Clarion Suites, Days Inn, Ramada, etc. Some destinations offer resort upgrades for a minimal or no monetary fee.

  • Why do both travelers have to be over the age of 25 for the Accommodations and All-Inclusive Travel sections?

    To receive the tremendous rates, the hotels and resorts require that only mature adults occupy these rooms. As a result of our agreements we are able to offer these rooms to you at no cost other than the government imposed taxes.

  • How much will the extra nights cost?

    Each destination and hotel differs. However, as a Holiday Passports Gold owner you can always expect to receive discounted rates from all destinations contained in Holiday Passports Gold.

  • Can I talk to an agent prior to registering my certificate?

    We prefer that before speaking with an agent at Assured Travel that you send in your destination request online. This will allow the agent to know who they are speaking with and the destination that is requested.

  • Can I give these away to my friends and family?

    Absolutely! Holiday Passports Gold is fully transferable and can be gifted to anyone. Be sure to review the Details of Participation for specifics on the back of each Travel Card. You can go online and assign a Passport Check to a family member or friend, or simply fill out a Passport Check with their name and information and note that this is a "gift".

  • Will I have the opportunity to talk to my agent before my vacation is finalized?

    Yes, the Assured Travel agent assigned to your particular request will contact you within 7 days of receipt of your request. We will confirm all information on your request and offer assistance with airfare quotes, rental cars, etc. Once we receive confirmation from the hotel, you will be contacted again to finalize everything. A written confirmation will also be mailed to your home.

  • Is the $12.50 per night tax deposit refundable?

    Your tax deposit will be applied to the government imposed taxes for your stay as noted in the Details of Participation. If the tax deposit exceeds $12.50 per night you will be billed the surplus. If the tax deposit is less than $12.50 per night, you will be credited the difference on your next vacation. If for any reason, something comes up and you wish to cancel your request, your tax deposit is refundable, prior to confirmation.

  • What is the maximum retail value of each certificate?

    Please refer to each Travel Card. The value range, which is determined by destination and season selected is noted on each travel offer.

  • What if I don't use a Travel Offer before it expires?

    Each Travel offer will be extended once it has expired, subject to destination changes. If a destination becomes unavailable, Assured Travel will offer a substitute destination of greater or equal value.

  • How far in advance am I required to book my reservations?

    Each Passport must be submitted 45-60 days in advance of your departure date. Please refer to the Details of Participation for each Travel offer for the specifics. If you plan to travel during peak season or near a holiday, please make your reservation as early as possible, since each travel offer is based on space availability.

  • Why am I required to give advance notice?

    The advance notice is required since all of our travel is based on space availability. In addition, the hotels, resorts and cruise lines require the advance notice. We want to make sure each guest gets the opportunity to travel on the dates that is most convenient for you.

  • Can we combine any of the Travel Card Offers for consecutive travel?

    Yes! However, each destination requested is based on space availability. We will always do our best to accommodate your request and confirm you for the dates and destinations desired.

  • What type of accommodations are offered?

    The hotels we use are all standard and deluxe accommodations. In some destinations, upgrades are available. Please ask your reservations agent for more details.

  • Am I required to purchase my transportation through Assured Travel?

    No. You can arrange your own transportation, if you desire. However, Assured Travel is a full-service travel agency and will gladly provide you with a quote for airfare or a rental car. Please do not book your transportation until you have received a confirmation in writing from Assured Travel for the trip you have requested.

  • What is the best time of the week to travel in terms of availability?

    Monday through Thursday are traditionally the lowest travel days in most destinations.

  • As a Holiday Passports Gold owner, can I purchase Travel Insurance through you?

    YES! Please ask your agent for information regarding travel insurance. You agent can send you a brochure or direct you to the proper website for more information. In today's world, anything can happen, which is why we highly recommend travel insurance.

  • Are pets allowed in the hotels you use?

    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in any of the hotels and resorts. As much as we would like to allow you to bring the "whole family", pets cannot be accommodated.